Join Brenda and Donna in the “Journey to Being” retreat experience. 

Bring together your past, present and future self to shine the light on your life and your purpose.

You will leave the retreat feeling renewed, energized and focused.

Workshop sessions will center on guided mindfulness, energy balancing and healing, soul connection, and life coaching. You will have the opportunity to work in groups as well as individually with Brenda and Donna.

The retreat will weave together the pieces of your journey to becoming your whole, true, authentic self. We look forward to traveling alongside you, providing guidance, and watching you soar!

When: Friday June 14, 2019 – Sunday June 16, 2019

This two-day immersive experience will be held at Mercy Spiritual Center. 

Your rate includes two nights of lodging in a private room, 1 “Healing with the Energy of Angels” IET Healing Session, 1 Life Coaching Session and 1 Spiritual Counseling Session, in addition to all workshop sessions. Your stay will also include breakfast and lunch on both days. The cost is $355 - $415 based on  room preferences/availability.

For those wishing to commute, the cost is $275 and does not include individual sessions or lodging.

*You will receive an invoice upon registration via email. Payment will need to be made in full, 10 days prior to retreat.

If you have any questions prior to registration, please contact us @ 585-545-8192 or you can email Brenda at



Brenda Gilasso is an empath  and faced numerous challenges in her youth. In her 20’s, she began connecting with those in need of healing as part of her purpose.  Each road on her path has deepened her connection with Spirit. Brenda is a Certified Integrated Energy Therapy Master, Certified Assertiveness Coach, and Life Coach. She is the creator of Hands From Above Healing – through angelic healing, teaching, guiding, coaching, love and light – peace, empowerment and enlightenment can occur.


 Donna Marcello-DeRycke holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and is a certified counselor in addictions and also certified in recovery coaching. She has spent over 21 years at a local non-profit, focusing on goal planning, social connectivity, overall wellness, overcoming barriers and person-centered treatment.